21 Best Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks and Traffic

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Why do we do guest post?

  1. Mostly Guest Posting is used only for making Backlinks.
  2. To increase the identity of the website.
  3. To increase the authority of the site.
  4. To increase website traffic and visitors.

How to Make Quality Backlinks With Guest Posting?

If you search Guest Post Sites on Google, you will find many such websites. On which you can guest post for free and guest post by paying.

List of Search Queries to Find Best Guest Posting Sites.

  • “become a guest blogger”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “guest article”
  • “guest blogger”
  • “guest post”
  • “guest posts wanted”
  • “startup funding”
  • “submit blog post”
  • “submit news”
  • “submit post”
  • “submit your content”
  • “want to write for”
  • “write for us”

21 Best Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks and Traffic

 Guest Posting Sites

Advantages Of Guest Blogging

9 Greatest Guest Blogging Benefits You Should Know About

  1. Guest post Shows you are a professional
  2. Guest post builds your credibility
  3. Guest post builds your network
  4. Guest posts promote your brand
  5. The guest post demonstrates expertise and creativity
  6. The guest post demonstrates your industry knowledge
  7. The guest post helps to establish and increase the authority
  8. The guest post helps you to gain recognition
  9. The guest post helps you to grow your blog

For Categories, you can add category name along with this query

  • “write for us” Health
  • “write for us” Finance
  • “write for us” Education
  • “write for us” Eassay Writing

Top 21 guest posting sites for backlinks

list of the Best Guest Posting Sites in 2023.

Guest Post Rules :-

  1. Blog Post should be at least 1500 to 1800 words (word count).
  2. Post should not be copied from anywhere.
  3. Post should be written in English only, some English words can also be used for understanding.
  4. If you publish content on our blog, then we will also provide you a Do-Follow Backlink.
  5. Along with textual content, you can also add visual content like images and videos.
  6. If you submit Blog Post in pakainfo.com, then there must be an image in it.
  7. There should not be any kind of Grammatical Mistake in your content nor Spelling Mistakes.
  8. Also, keep in mind that you should use modern English language only.
  9. Take care of mistakes in your post.
  10. After completion of the blog, fill the form given below and send it to us. You can use this jdk.king25@gmail.com to contact us.

1. OutBrain

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Business, Content Marketing
  • Global ranking: 128
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.outbrain.com/blog/2015/06/guest-blogging-guidelines.html
  • Submit to: Outbrain Contact Form

2. The Huffington Post

  • Accepts republished content: Yes
  • Core theme: Politics, Business, Lifestyle, Popular Media, Entertainment
  • Global ranking: 152
  • Guest post guidelines: http://guestblogging.com/huffington-post-toolkit/pitching-strategy-guide/
  • Submit to: Huffington Post Contact Form

3. About

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Everything
  • Global ranking: 430
  • Guest post guidelines: https://experts.about.com/
  • Submit to: About Contact Form

4. HubSpot

  • Accepts republished content: No
  • Core theme: Email, Sales & Marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Web Design, Business
  • Global ranking: 519
  • Guest post guidelines: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing-guest-blogging-guidelines
  • Submit to: guestpost@hubspot.com

5. Mashable

  • Accepts republished content: Yes
  • Core theme: Technology, Digital Culture, Entertainment
  • Global ranking: 521
  • Guest post guidelines: http://mashable.com/2008/04/18/bad-pr-pitches/#0px8iN1m5kqi
  • Submit to: news@mashable.com or Mashable Contact Form

6. Investopedia

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Finance, Business
  • Global ranking: 803
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.investopedia.com/corp/contactus.aspx?type=WriterSubmission
  • Submit to: Investopedia Contact Form

7. Sitepoint

  • Accepts republished content: Yes, occasionally accepts already-published content.
  • Core theme: Web Design & Development, Technology, Business
  • Global ranking: 879
  • Guest post guidelines: https://www.sitepoint.com/writing-guidelines/
  • Submit to: editor@sitepoint.com

8. Entrepreneur

  • Accepts republished content: No
  • Core theme: Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Social Media
  • Global ranking: 1,002
  • Submit to: Dan Bova at dbova@entrepreneur.com

9. Moz

  • Accepts republished content: No
  • Core theme: SEO, Search Marketing, Search Engines
  • Global ranking: 1,326
  • Guest post guidelines: N/A
  • Submit to: editor@moz.com

10. The Penny Hoarder

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Blogging, Money, Finance
  • Global ranking: 1,432
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.thepennyhoarder.com/contributor-guidelines/
  • Submit to: editor@thepennyhoarder.com

11. Lifehack

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Lifestyle, Productivity
  • Global ranking: 2,118
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-to-write-for-lifehack.html
  • Submit to: Lifehack Contact Form

12. Thought Catalog

  • Accepts republished content: Yes.
  • Core theme: Lifestyle
  • Global ranking: 2,525
  • Guest post guidelines: http://thoughtcatalog.com/submissions/
  • Guest post guidelines: http://thoughtcatalog.com/submissions/
  • Submit to: Thought Catalog Contact Form

13. Smashing Magazine

  • Accepts republished content: No. Authors get paid.
  • Core theme: Web Design & Development, Technology
  • Global ranking: 3,411
  • Guest post guidelines: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/write-for-us/
  • Submit to: Smashing Magazine Contact Form

14. ShoutMeLoud

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Blogging, Money
  • Global ranking: 3,980
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/join-shoutmeloud
  • Submit to: admin@shoutmeloud.com

15. The Muse

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Career
  • Global ranking: 4,056
  • Guest post guidelines: https://www.themuse.com/contribute
  • Submit to: editor@themuse.com

16. Elite Daily

  • Accepts republished content: Yes.
  • Core theme: Lifestyle, Entertainment, News
  • Global ranking: 4,574
  • Guest post guidelines: http://elitedaily.com/contribute/
  • Submit to: Elite Daily Contact Form

17. Social Media Examiner

  • Accepts republished content: No
  • Core theme: Social Media, Content Marketing, Business
  • Global ranking: 5,862
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/writers/
  • Submit to: Social Media Examiner Contact Form

18. Digital Inspiration

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Technology, Software
  • Global ranking: 6,015
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.labnol.org/write/
  • Submit to: amit@labnol.org

19. Kissmetrics

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Business, Marketing, Web Analytics
  • Global ranking: 6,175
  • Guest post guidelines: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/guest-blogging-for-kissmetrics/
  • Submit to: Kissmetrics Contact Form

20. Business 2 Community

  • Accepts republished content: Yes.
  • Core theme: Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
  • Global ranking: 9,055
  • Guest post guidelines: http://www.business2community.com/contributor-guidelines#GGBTgtXbzlEOpPD0.97
  • Submit to: Business 2 Community Contact Form

21. Bplans

  • Accepts republished content: No.
  • Core theme: Business, Startups, Marketing
  • Global ranking: 10,579
  • Guest post guidelines: http://articles.bplans.com/authors/
  • Submit to: Bplans Contact Form

Free Best Guest Posting Sites List

No Website Link Location
SPO https://www.expert-seo-training-institute.in/blog/ Author Bio
SPO  https://www.bloggersroad.com/ Content Body
SPO https://articles.h1ad.com/ Content Body
SPO https://story.wallclassifieds.com/ Content Body
SPO https://article.classifiedsfactor.com/ Content Body
1 https://blog.giganticlist.com/ Content Body
2 https://www.theguardian.com/ Content Body
3 https://www.wsj.com/ Content Body
4 http://www.forbes.com/ Author Bio
5 https://www.elsevier.com/ Content Body
6 http://www.nature.com/ Content Body
7 http://mashable.com/submit/ Author Bio
8 http://www.businessinsider.com/ Content Body
9 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ Author Bio
10 http://techcrunch.com/ Author Bio
11 http://www.salon.com/ Content Body
12 https://academic.oup.com/ Author Bio
13 http://elearnmag.acm.org/ Content Body
14 http://www.politico.com/ Content Body
15 https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ Content Body
16 http://www.fastcompany.com/ Author Bio
17 https://www.shopify.com/ Content Body
18 http://www.inc.com/ Author Bio
19 https://www.shutterstock.com/ Author Bio
20 https://agricultureandfoodsecurity.biomedc Author Bio
21 http://searchengineland.com/ Content Body
22 http://www.americanbar.org/ Author Bio
23 https://about.crunchbase.com/b… Author Bio
24 https://hbr.org/ Content Body
25 http://pubs.acs.org/ Author Bio
26 https://rossieronline.usc.edu/ Content Body
27 https://www.smashingmagazine.com/ Content Body
28 http://venturebeat.com/ Content Body
29 http://alistapart.com/ Author Bio
30 https://policies.utexas.edu/ Content Body
31 http://tea.texas.gov/ Author Bio
32 https://fmx.cpa.texas.gov/fmx/ Author Bio
33 https://www.ada.org/ Content Body
34 http://careers.bmj.com/ Content Body
35 https://carolinaunion.unc.edu/ Content Body
36 http://blog.hubspot.com/ Content Body
37 http://www.csmonitor.com/ Author Bio
38 http://fa.oregonstate.edu/ Content Body
39 https://financialreview.poole.ncsu.edu/ Content Body
40 http://www.creativebloq.com/ Content Body
41 https://financialaid.gwu.edu/ Author Bio
42 http://www.edweek.org/ Content Body
43 http://www.active.com/ Author Bio
44 http://www.sitepoint.com/ Content Body
45 http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ Content Body
46 http://www.dpreview.com/misc/jobs Content Body
47 http://www.ou.edu/ Author Bio
48 http://www.edutopia.org/ Content Body
49 http://www.wired.co.uk/article/contributor- Content Body
50 http://marketingland.com/ Author Bio

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